Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink Gyaru look + EPIC EYELASH FAIL.

I love the gyaru look. I won't lie. I like that it's gaudy and loud and... stuff. I love the hair, the clothes, the attitude, and the makeup, OH MY GOSH THE MAKEUP EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
But alas, I couldn't quite accomplish it, for even the most lengthening and most volumising mascara will never give my puny, sparse lashes the density and volume they need to be fully ギャル.
So I was sort of a fake-gyaru for a while.

THIS CHANGED TODAY! I was at Walmart and spotted those cheap little eyelash sets. I probably shouldn't have gone for the cheapest one. But they called to me.
'Catherineeeee, we'll give you visible lashes for the first time in your liiiiife! Buy us! BUY US!'

So I did.


!!! RANT TIME !!!

I hate these false eyelashes! SUCH CRAP! I've never used lashes but these felt weird. Awkward and stiff and they did not want to stay on at all!

I seriously sat there for like half an hour battling these eyelashes. I finally got them to stay. Kind of. It was a battle most epic.

So you have to excuse the epic eyelash failure. GRRRRAWR.


Now onto the look! *flails arms*

I didn't want to do the 'traditional' beige + crease look, so I did a pearly pink eyeshadow look with lots of eyeliner and big (for me) lashes and light pink lips. ^_^

Full face.

Eyes. Sorry. I have a durpy expression half the time.
lash fail exhibit A!

Open eye.


Lips! Viva Glam Gaga + Pinkarat lipglass. I like how dry my lips are. Whassup. :/

And this is without my handy-dandy 'fringe keeper'. It's shaped like a pink bow. It's really cute.

Products I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
this taiwanese pearly white eyeshadow stick thing as a base all over eyelids
Urban Decay SWF eyeshadow
Too Faced Neutral eyeshadow palette (I used the champagne colour)
Some random light pink from my old Coastal Scents 88 matte palette
cheap 'salon secrets' eyelashes and included glue (lol)
Wet n' Wild defineyes eyeliner thing. It's felt tip.
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero (bottom lids, blended (poorly) with the eyeshadow stick thing from before)
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

L'oreal Gel Primer
MUFE HD Foundation

MAC Viva Glam Gaga
MAC Pinkarat Lipglass

When I list it out it looks like a lot. :c