Friday, September 10, 2010

Random neutral FOTD

Hey! I'm finally posting pictures of my actual makeup. Sweet.

Lookie, lookie! It is I.

What I used on the eyes:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Random brown shadows from the 88 matte palette. (Darkest brown, lightest brown, and uh... the one on the second row from the right on the bottom. I used the darkest brown lightly on the bottom lashline and in the outer corner of my eyes)
Almay brown eyeliner on the waterline and upper lid
Too Faced Cocoa Puff eyeshadow on the upper lid over the eyeliner. Heaven eyeshadow is the highlight!
L'oreal Telescopic mascara

And here are the lips!

I used Too Faced Marcia Marcia Marcia lipstick and Stila's Mauvelous lip glaze. Hehe. Mauvelous.
I kind of don't like how Mauvelous smells. I was at Shopko and found these Paula Deen candles and I was like "Oh cool, Paula Deen candles" and sniffed like, a 'sugar cookie' one and it was awful. It smelled like burned sugar. That's what Mauvelous smells like. A PAULA DEEN CANDLE FROM SHOPKO.

I used MUFE HD Foundation in 110 on my face. I love that foundation. ^_^

thanks for reading~! <3 Hope you liked it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

REVIEW: Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous

Instead of doing something useful I'm reviewing a product for you (:

unfortunately, I kind of hated this product =/ It's pretty rare I flatout HATE a product. This one managed to accomplish all the things I really don't like about a product.

So, without further ramblings, here's my review on Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous!


The product itself is really pretty. I like the design xD

This is the front. It's pretty nice and looks huge in my tiny hand. xD

The actual product and nifty mirror. (Sup, my arm and shirt?) If you look closely, you can see that there's... gross... stuff on the product.
Oh yeah, it is kind of gross to me to use a compact foundation just because of that. Ew. Seriously.

The coverage was pretty poor, but that isn't the product's shortcomings. It's supposed to be sheer. But, I mean... I don't have really bad skin, although it does have its flaws. But this covered up absolutely nothing!

So all in all, this... is not a great product, unfortunately. It'd probably be okay if you had absolutely flawless skin and just wanted... something on your face...?

Epic fail, Benefit D: